During these unprecedented times we are doing everything we can to make your day as safe as possible. We are  deep cleaning our castles and toys before and after every rental. if you have any concerns or worries we will be happy to talk this through with you before you hire.


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Welcome to the BounZee BeeZ website. If it's fun you're after you've come to the right place.

We offer an extensive range of high quality, safety tested inflatables and bouncy castles. Our friendly and professional staff are ready to make your experience the best yet. We will deliver for free, set up your inflatables, give you a comprehensive safety brief and leave you to have a great day.



Super Heroes

Toddler Party


Fun for little people with this castle. 3 hours minimum. Please ask for prices for longer hire.

Princess Castle with slide


Give your little princess her dream castle. 

17 x 15ft with a slide. 3 hours minimum. Please ask for prices for longer hire.

Super Heroes Castle with slide


All little Super Heroes need this bouncy castle.

17 x 15ft with a slide. 3 hours minimum. Please ask for prices for longer hire.


Pirates Bouncy Castle


Oo arr Matey! Bet they  didn't have one of these in the Caribbean! 
12 x 12ft. 3 hours minimum. Please ask for prices for longer hire.

party with slide


Put some boing into your party.17 x 15ft. 3 hours minimum. Please ask for prices for longer hire.



This a toddlers dream castle. 8 x 11ft and only 7ft high. Perfect for indoor parties. 3 hours minimum. Please ask for prices for longer hire.

Party 15 x 17 - Copy_edited.jpg

party castle


This is a super fun bouncy castle. 12 x 15ft. 3 hours minimum. Please ask for prices for longer hire.



Lets get this party started!
15 x 12ft. 3 hours minimum. Please ask for prices for longer hire.

Party with slide


Make your party go off with a boing! 15 x 17ft. 3 hours minimum. Please ask for prices for longer hire.

Party 15 x 15 - Copy_edited.jpg

Party big bounce.


15 x 15ft. 3 hours minimum. Please ask for prices for longer hire.


Play Park


Kidz will love this one. 17 x 17ft. Everything you can want on a bouncy castle. Has slide and ball pool. Enjoy!


Play Park


Thomas the Tank Engine


Soft Play

£ P.O.A.


Soft Play


6 pieces of soft play

Soft Play


18 Piece soft play

Soft Play


4 pieces of soft play


Little Tikes Cars


Play tunnels


Bounzee Animals



Large Soft Play animals


More Soft Play





Pick & Mix Garden Toys

For any items you would like to add to your bouncy castle, please contact us for add-on prices.


Terms & Conditions

These are the terms & conditions of hire of bouncy castles and equipment which are based on the standards set out by the Health & Safety Executive and the Local Authority.

1. No adult should use any equipment that is supplied solely for children's use. These units are intended for use by persons below the age of 12 years (below 14 with permission of Bounee Beez personel)

2. A responsible adult ovr 18 years of age, must be supervising the equipment and children at all times. No persons under the influence of drink or drugs should supervise or operate the equipment.

3. Please have full payment in cash ready to pay the delivery team, unless you have paid by bank transfer or credit card previously. Please note if you do not have ID and payment on delivery our team may cancel your order.

4. Always ensure the equipment is not overcrowded, and limit numbers of children according to age and size. Avoid a mix of small and large children at the same time.

5. Do not allow anyone to bounce on the front step as children could easily bounce off the inflatable and get hurt. The step is there to assist users to get on and off. Always enter and exit the inflatable from the front of the step and not the sides. Any safety mats supplied are to be kept in position.

6. Persons with a history of heart, neck or back problems, high blood pressure, joint weakness or a history of know medical disabilities should not be allowed to use the inflatable. Any person feeling unwell should be removed from the inflatable immediately.

7.  Climbing, hanging or sitting on the side walls is dangerous and should not be allowed.

8. Children should not be pushing, colliding, fighting or attempting somersaults. Wrestling, running or behaving in a manner that is likely to cause injury, damage or distress to others or the equipment is not allowed.

9. Do not allow anyone on the inflatable during inflation or deflation as this could damage the equipment and injure the user.

10. A safety zone of 2 metres around the equipment is to be kept clear t all times. Anchors provided should be used at all times. Occasionally check the equipment is securely anchored or pegged down.

11. All shoes, glasses, jewellery and badges must be removed before using the inflatable.

12. No face paints, party poppers, coloured streamers, silly string, food, drinks, sweets, chewing gum, pens, water, soapy water, pets, toys, BBQ's, smoking or sharp objects are not allowed on or near the equipment. This is to avoid both choking hazards and potential soiling of the equipment. Cleaning charges will apply depending on the severity of the soiling.

13. Do not glue, stick or attach any signs or notices to the bouncy castle or equipment as this may leave a sticky residue and you may be charged for cleaning.

14. In the event of an accident, please notify us immediately by telephone on 07788 581424 or 07502 681001. Full details must be recorded in writing, including the name and address of the injured party and the adult responsible for the injured party. We will need full names and addresses, the date, time and place of incident and the circumstances of the accident. A copy of the report must be given the driver on collection of the equipment or in writing to Bounzee Beez Ltd 2, 28 Simplemarsh Road, Addlestone KT15 1QE within 7 days. 

15. Once the inflatable has been set up by our team, do not remove or reposition the inflatable without our permission. Failure to comply may result in injury to the users, any insurance invalidated and also damage to the equipment. Any damage caused by moving or repositioning without our permission shall be deemed liable for full repairs or replacement costs in addition to any loss of business as a result of such loss.

16. Please leave the inflatable running at all times, even during light rain. It is strongly advised that the inflatable should not be used in high winds or wet conditions. Please only switch off the inflatable during extremely high winds or torrential rain., After rain showers any wetness can be dried off with a towel. We reserve the right to cancel or collect the equipment at any time if the weather warning comes into force.

17. In the event that the blower stops working, ensure all users exit the inflatable immediately. Make sure the blower tube has not come loose, the deflation zip is still closed and that nothing is obstructing the blower. Failing this please contact us for assistance. Always use the RCD plug provided. Only use electrical equipment supplied by us. Any damage to the equipment caused by misuse, neglect or loss or failure to follow these conditions, shall deem the hirer liable for full repair or replacement costs in addition to any court costs or any loss of business as a result of such loss or damage.

18. Bounzee Beez Ltd cannot be held liable for damage to property indoors or outdoors whilst delivering or collecting the equipment. It is the hirers responsibility o ensure that our delivery team has adequate access and clearances, also to inform us of any know underground services present when securing the equipment to the ground using ground stakes. Any cables which cannot be rooted out of the wat of pedestrian traffic ill need to be taped down and un taped at the end of the hire by the hirer or covered with suitable matting or shielding.

19. It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure adequate supervision of the children and vulnerable adults during the unpacking and packing away of the equipment.

20. The delivery team are under tremendous pressure to get all the deliveries and collections completed on time. So we ask that we are given a half hour each way to avoid delays. This includes moving items like garden furniture, excessive distances to and from the vehicle or going to the cash point etc.  Extra charges will apply if we are not able to continue set up or collection within our time limits.

21. We will send the same delivery team to collect the equipment. We will not send anyone else on our behalf. You will be liable if the equipment is given to anyone other than our team.

22. If the weather is forecast as heavy and persistent rain, for safety reasons we will advise you not to go ahead with your booking. There will be no cost to yourselves in the event of a cancellation by us due to adverse weather conditions.


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